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Pinsk Jewish community

updated on 01.02.2015

Jews settled in Pinsk after the eviction of 1495 - about a dozen families established Pinsk Jewish community which was yet to become the third largest in Belarus... Read full article

Pinsk - nine centuries behind... Or ahead?

updated on 01.02.2015

Just like in case with Minsk we really don't know when the city of Pinsk was founded. It was first mentioned in... Read full article

Kobrin, Belarus

updated on 31.01.2015

Kobrin or as the locals prefer to call it Kobryn’ is a district center in Brest region and a harbor on... Read full article

David-Gorodok, Belarus

updated on 31.01.2015

David-Gorodok is the second largest town in Stolin District with the population of over 7 000 people. The castle mound and St. George Church (XVII) are the historic highlights... Read full article

Stolin - the very south of Belarus

updated on 31.01.2015

First mentioned in the chronicles in 1555, Stolin is based on the Garyn River 245 km away from Brest. Its population today is about 12 500 people. Read full article

The history of Slonim, Belarus

updated on 31.01.2015

The name Slonim is explained by several theories - some researchers believe that constant finds of mammoth bones... Read full article

Dyatlovo or Zhetl

updated on 13.10.2014

Dyatlovo is a city on the Dyatlovka River, 165 km away from Grodno. In the past its residents always called the city Zetelo or Zdenciol... Read full article

Jews of Novogrudok

updated on 21.09.2014

The sources on Novogrudok Jewish community are scarce though it has been established that the number of towns with permanent Jewish population started to grow in 16 century... Read full article

Novogrudok - the capital of the Grand Duchy

updated on 21.09.2014

Mentioned in the Chronicles also as Novogorodok and Novy Gorodok, Novogrudok is one of the country’s oldest cities. While scientists argue about 1044 or 1219 being... Read full article

Baranovichy or Baranowicze (Western Belarus)

updated on 27.08.2014

Capitalism development and the growth of the domestic market along with economic and strategic considerations forced the tsar government of the... Read full article

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Can I get insurance for Belarus online?
updated on 06.02.2017

Well, yes you can! To apply for a Belarus tourist visa you must supply an insurance policy that stipulates it covers Belarus. Your global insurance does so but...

How do I apply for a Belarus tourist visa?
updated on 13.02.2017

Applying at their local Belarus Consulate, the citizens of migration-secure states (e.g. the USA, Canada, Japan and others) can obtain a short-term...

Filling in Belarus visa application
updated on 02.01.2017

The form of application for a visa to Belarus has become digital and you can save and send it as a PDF file. It is only a 2-page document that is available...

Anything I should know about landing in MSQ Minsk Airport?
updated on 08.02.2017

Quite a number of things, as a matter of fact. Let’s examine a typical case from my travel agent’s past with a traveler landing in Minsk Airport (MSQ) and applying for a visa...

How do I apply for a Belarus private/guest visa?
updated on 01.02.2017

People, who want to travel to Belarus to see a friend, take care of the grave of a relative, take part in the court hearings, etc. need to apply for a private visa... 

Tour Belarus for family research
updated on 16.05.2013

This article covers field family research in Belarus that in most cases comes after dealing with the State archives of Belarus and genealogical research.

Using a plastic card in Belarus?
updated on 14.10.2016

A plastic card is a fine thing, no doubt, but there have been a number of cases when the ATM displayed ERROR, or required a PIN code...

Traditional souvenirs from Belarus?
updated on 18.10.2016

While most tourists agree that Belarus is not the country for grand shopping, there are still some things that can be brought back as souvenirs...