Belarus inquiry and emergency services

updated on 21/09/2014

The main trouble about Belarusian public emergency services and help lines like the railway or airport inquiry is an obvious lack of English speakers. So, before you contact one of those listed here, make sure you have a Russian speaker with you or speak enough Russian to state your problem/ make an inquiry.

From my experience as a travel agent, you may need these phone numbers:

101 – Fire fighter brigade

102 – Police (militsia)

103 – Ambulance service

105 – Local railway inquiry. When dialing it in Minsk, you will be switched to the Minsk railway inquiry service, in Vitebsk – to the Vitebsk branch. The inquiry is connected to the country's railway information system and can provide information on any train. This is a toll phone number and to make it cheap, use +375 17 2257000 Minsk city number to get information on trains. +375 17 2131719 is the line for international train departures. +375 17 2251945 is the phone number of the shift manager of the Central Railway Station.

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114 – Local bus inquiry. Unlike in case with the railway inquiry service they do not have a single system and dialing this number in Minsk, you will only be able to learn about local bus departures or arrivals.

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