What is Minsk weather normally like?

updated on 17/10/2016

Minsk is located in Central Belarus and therefore has a moderate continental climate with the country’s average number of warm and cold days in the year.

Minsk weather is at best in late spring and summer

Blooming Minsk chestnuts in late May

The average number of clear days in Minsk is 28, the number of cloudy days is 167 and the number of partly cloudy days reaches up to 170. Two-third of the precipitation – 650 mm – occurs in summer. Fogs are typical of Minsk weather with the visibility decreasing to 1 km and lower.

On average there are 67 foggy days a year and most of them occur in autumn and winter. To find out more about Minsk and Belarus weather visit yr.no for an accurate Minsk weather forecast.

Summer in Minsk is warm and the average air temperature in July is +17.4°C. Temperature varies during the summer with weeks of hot weather followed by short periods of cool weather. Winter in Minsk is moderately cold with enough snow, although there were years where snowfall was observed in January only. Average January temperature in Minsk is -5.4°C.

Minsk weather peculiarities: 

The shortest day in Minsk is the 22 December and lasts for 7 hours and 21 minutes, while the longest Minsk day is the 22 June – 17 hours and 11 minutes.
Average Minsk annual temperature: +6,1 °C
Average wind speed: 2.8 m/s
Average air humidity: 78 per cent 

Late January in Minsk can be very refreshing (up to -25 degrees)

Average Minsk temperatures by the month:

January … -5.4 °C
February … -4.4 °C
March … -0.5 °C
April … +6.6 °C
May … +12.8 °C
June … +16.3 °C
July … +17.4 °C
August … +16.9 °C
September … +11.3 °C
October … +6.0 °C
November … +0.3 °C

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