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Dacha in Belarus

updated on 19.07.2011

Dacha is a countryside house with a small strip of land on which a city family grows vegetables and fruit. Dacha is an integral part of the Belarusian culture and it makes a particularly favorite pastime for the older generations... Read full article

Belarusian traditional cuisine

updated on 12.07.2011

The history of the Belarusian cuisine is very long - its development has been affected by the cuisines of the neighbor nations – Russians, Latvians, Ukrainians, etc. with whom the Belarusians always had close economic and cultural relations... Read full article

Weather in Belarus

updated on 06.07.2011

Belarus is located in mid latitudes and has a rather flat relief. The geographical location and the air masses of the Atlantic Ocean form the moderate continental climate of the country its typical features being rainy warm summer, mild winter with frequent thaws...  Read full article

Folk crafts in Belarus: pottery

updated on 06.07.2011

Pottery is another widespread craft in Belarus and is a part of the Belarusian culture. Potters used clay to produce items for household and decoration. Pottery appeared in Belarus 4-3 thousand years BC when first ceramics – hand-shaped pots for cooking were produced in large numbers... Read full article

The flag of Belarus

updated on 06.07.2011

The national symbols of any country stand for its sovereignty and independence. The coat of arms and the flag of one’s country symbolize one’s native land.  Read full article

History of Belarus. WWI - present

updated on 06.07.2011

The WWI broke out in 1914 and one quarter of the western Belarusian territories were occupied by German troops in 1915. The Russian regime launched...  Read full article

History of Belarus. Tribal times - WWI

updated on 06.07.2011

The Slavs started to spread across the Balkans in the 5-6 centuries, from where they proceeded to the south towards Roman provinces and to the east... Read full article

Brest or Brisk - an ancient Belarusian town

updated on 20.06.2011

Brest is the third oldest city in Belarus. Berestye (the city name probably comes from the Russian word beresta – birch bark) was first mentioned in 1019... Read full article

Grodno - sightseeing splendour of Belarus

updated on 20.06.2011

The archaeological findings suggest that the city of Grodno was founded in the late 10 century on the so-called Castle Mount at the confluence of the Gorodnichanka... Read full article

Republic of Belarus: geography

updated on 20.06.2011

The Republic of Belarus is located in Eastern Europe and borders on Poland in the west, on Lithuania and Latvia – in the north-west, on Russia – on the north-east... Read full article

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How do I apply for a Belarus tourist visa?
updated on 13.02.2017

Applying at their local Belarus Consulate, the citizens of migration-secure states (e.g. the USA, Canada, Japan and others) can obtain a short-term...

Filling in Belarus visa application
updated on 02.01.2017

The form of application for a visa to Belarus has become digital and you can save and send it as a PDF file. It is only a 2-page document that is available...

Can I get insurance for Belarus online?
updated on 06.02.2017

Well, yes you can! To apply for a Belarus tourist visa you must supply an insurance policy that stipulates it covers Belarus. Your global insurance does so but...

Anything I should know about landing in MSQ Minsk Airport?
updated on 08.02.2017

Quite a number of things, as a matter of fact. Let’s examine a typical case from my travel agent’s past with a traveler landing in Minsk Airport (MSQ) and applying for a visa...

How do I apply for a Belarus private/guest visa?
updated on 01.02.2017

People, who want to travel to Belarus to see a friend, take care of the grave of a relative, take part in the court hearings, etc. need to apply for a private visa... 

Tour Belarus for family research
updated on 16.05.2013

This article covers field family research in Belarus that in most cases comes after dealing with the State archives of Belarus and genealogical research.

Using a plastic card in Belarus?
updated on 14.10.2016

A plastic card is a fine thing, no doubt, but there have been a number of cases when the ATM displayed ERROR, or required a PIN code...

Traditional souvenirs from Belarus?
updated on 18.10.2016

While most tourists agree that Belarus is not the country for grand shopping, there are still some things that can be brought back as souvenirs...